Service description

I offer only 1-hour tarot reading online via Zoom by appointment. If we exceeded 1 hour, there will be no additional charges but it will not exceed more than 20 minutes. 

By purchasing my services, you agree to the terms and condition.

You can further understand my practice by reading the policies and code of ethics.

What can you expect during the reading?

I will channel messages using my senses from your Higher Self, Soul or Spirit Guides in addition to the tarot cards to provide you a meaningful and helpful guidance to assist you in moving forward.

My sessions are always interactive which means clients are welcome to participate or share information while I am reading the cards. Therefore clients don’t have to wait for me to finish before throwing in any burning questions.

I read the cards intuitively which means I use my senses to feel the energy emitting from the cards imagery and describe them in a form of storytelling (e.g. what are the people doing or holding or talking). This method is not only easier but helps me to relate the client’s situation. For this reason also, I don’t use any specific layout so I could tell the story without being controlled by the structure. 

What is my expectation of clients?

I strive to provide an uplifting session for every client. I hope clients will walk into my session with an open mind and heart as well as the willingness to listen and receive. 

Let The Journey Begin

60 Min Reading @ USD $40

Does your intuition call for more detailed insight and wisdom? Then this 60 minutes reading provides you and myself more time to delve deeper into your situation for answers and guidance. It will also be an organic experience where we work together to understand the meanings and positions of the cards and their application. We will chat via Zoom for the real-time discernment. If this option is right for you, go over to my scheduler to make appointment with me and you will be prompted to make payment.

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