Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Depending on which calls upon me by intuition, I use the following decks:

a) Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

b) Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore

c) Victorian Fairy Tarot by Barbara Moore

d) Dark Grimoire Tarot by Michele Penco

The nature of the questions does not influence which deck I choose. My selection is often directed by the one that calls out to me for a reading.

Yes, you may request if you have a preference. I understand there may be times when your intuition calls out to you and a specific deck becomes your focus. You can leave a note in the “anything else I need to know” section on the form. If there is no note provided, I will proceed to choose the deck for you.

I only accept questions related to careers, personal development and relationships. It’s important to be mindful that tarot is an empowerment tool; it’s designed to give you the freedom to make decisions by making you aware of the options revealed to you. In return, you are to accept the responsibility of the decisions you make. The cards do not tell you exactly what to do because we all the free will to make choices and create our destiny by those choices.

The tarot experience will show you that destiny is not set in stone. Rather, it is dynamic, fluid and can be altered by our actions and decisions. The cards show you what the path could look like should you take or not. Therefore, it is best to come up with questions that will provide meaningful and helpful information that contributes towards your decision-making.

Here is an example: If you are indecisive about accepting a new job and need some clarity, you can ask:

What do I need to know about the new job?

By asking this question, you are keeping your options open and giving yourself the allowance to consider whether to take up the job or not.

Because they are against my code of ethics, I do not accept questions regarding health, legal, financial and third party subjects.

I am not a trained nor certified medical practitioner, legal counselor and investment consultant that can provide you with sound advice. If you have concerns in these matters, please consult a qualified specialist or consultant.

Also, I will not use my skills to spy on another person. Relationship questions should be about you and your relationship with others, not whether your ex is in a happy relationship with another. Doing reading on a third party is a violation of privacy and power abuse.

If after considering this information and you still have a challenge creating questions, you can message me and I will help you out.

Accuracy is subjective to each individual. The tarot is a tool for readers to deliver messages from the universe or your spiritual guides. A reading is based on the reader’s interpretation of the cards and also your personal energy during the session. The usefulness of the reading also depends on how you relate to the reader’s interpretations.

All I ask from my clients is not to test how skillful or legitimate I am. As a reader, it is my mission to make my reading as helpful as possible for your unique situation. You are here after all to receive answers to your problem, not to test how accurate my skills are. If your main focus is to test how good I am, it is best that you do not work with me.

My introductory offer option will give you the best sense of my reading capacity.

Before we begin, I will connect to your guides and then tap into your energy. I will then convey messages or images I receive mainly through hearing (clairaudience), feeling (clairsentience) and seeing (clairvoyance). As our session continues, I will draw the cards to provide you guidance to your questions. At that time, you can feel free to ask any additional questions for further clarification.

My sessions are usually interactive; we exchange questions and replies. An open and engaged discussion enables me to further understand your situation and channel the appropriate guidance you need.

You are free to ask me for further clarification via email, but it must pertain to your questions from our session.

All purchase are 100% non-refundable once paid. I will only refund if I was not able to carry out the reading on the booked date and time.

I am very open to client feedback and want to understand what you are unhappy. From there, we can find closure.