Hi, I am Renee from Malaysia.

I studied tarot and oracle reading in 2012 and have been giving readings to the public ever since then. I continue to hone my skills by also learning other metaphysics modalities and I incorporate these skills when conducting readings. I have learnt automatic writing, connecting to spirit guides and mediumship from various teachers. The clairs that I used are clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizant and clairvoyance. 

My goal is simple that is to help others to live a fulfilling life by sharing guidance from connecting to their inner-self. 

Tarot Reading Services

60 Min Reading @ USD $40

Does your intuition call for more detailed insight and wisdom? Then this 60 minutes reading provides you and myself more time to delve deeper into your situation for answers and guidance. It will also be an organic experience where we work together to understand the meanings and positions of the cards and their application. We will chat via Zoom for the real-time discernment. If this option is right for you, go over to my scheduler to make appointment with me and you will be prompted to make payment.

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